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Vision, Big Data, and the Allegory of the Cave
The Open Journal of Business & Management
October 2015: 3(4).

The importance of vision in guiding a leader and an organization is paramount. Given the importance of vision, leaders will often seek assistance from tools in order to amplify their vision. Big data is one of the primary tools commonly sought. In this article, the advantages and disadvantages of relying on big data are explored. Plato’s allegory of the cave is used to advance the position that a proper vision ought to dwell in experience first and only secondarily resort to abstraction.

Lapsing Purpose
The American Society for Quality Audit Division Newsletter, September 2015

Within this article, the purpose of auditing is explored. The nature of purpose itself and the dynamic between leading and serving is also examined. Ultimately, an auditing purpose that dwells in plurality and focuses on growth (and not risk mitigation) is advanced.

Pied Quality
The Journal for Quality and Participation
July 2015: 38(2), 17 - 20.

Within the field of Quality, we take great measures to address variation. Strangely, our desire to eliminate variation is not a passion that is shared universally.The poets, for example, remind us of the inspiration and beauty that dwells within variation. Is it possible to leverage the power and possibility that dwells within variation while mitigating the risk and uncertainty born of variation? Within this short article, two alternative paths are explored.

In Search of Quixote
The American Society for Quality Lean Enterprise Division Newsletter, Autumn 2014

In this brief article, the viability of employing the character of Don Quixote as a role-model for Quality is explored. The article sketches the alternative framing of Quality that might result from prioritizing imagination, commitment, and passion fused with purpose within our practice.

Understanding Leadership Through Leadership Understandings
Journal of Leadership Studies, Summer 2013: 7(2), 55 - 61.

Margaret Wheatley urged leadership scholars to search for “new ways of understanding." The search, with some exception, has stalled. Leadership studies remains mired in a philosophical understanding grounded in positivism. Within the current paper, an exploration of how an understanding is informed by its core philosophical assumptions is presented. An alternative framing for understandings is explored through the reconstruction of these same core philosophical assumptions. The benefits of dwelling within the alternative framing are sketched.

Moving Quality Toward the Aesthetic
The Journal for Quality and Participation
July 2013: 36(2), 13 - 16.

Should auditing and quality expect objective standards upon which to rest? What sense of quality might emerge if quality turned away from pre-modern sensibilities concerning knowing, being, and meaning and turned towards the reconstruction of these concepts as offered through William James and John Dewey?

Transformation in Quality as a "Thing in the Making"
Quality Progress, February 2013: 46(2), 12 - 13

The possibility of transformation begins with an introspective review of our assumptions. Is the typical notion of transformation within the field of Quality a reflection of an old mindset? How might the notion change when reconstructed through the insights of American philosophy?



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